LNA Believed Referring To Italy As It Warns Against Deployment Of Foreign Troups In Fezzan

(Picture: the LNA’s document warning against foreign troops in Fezzan. Source: LNA official FB account)

by Alessandro Pagano Dritto (Twitter: @paganodritto)

[June 30th, 2018] The Libyan National Army (LNA) lead by Marshal Khalifa Hafter issued an official statement on its Facebook account warning against any deployment of foreign troops in Fezzan.

According to some excerpts the Libya Herald‘s journalist Sami Zaptia has translated into English by , the statement does not refer openly to any foreign Country, just mentioning “some international parties” being concerned on opposing illegal migration: that is exactly the current position of Italy, as it has sent a technical military delegation to Ghat for a survey and is believed to be considering a NATO mission on the area.

[Read about Italy considering a NATO mission on Fezzan’s Southern border on Between Libya and Italy]

Italy is the only Country already deploying military units officially in Libya, with Tripoli’s consensus, both in Misrata since late 2016 and Tripoli since the summer of 2017, and the Eastern both military and civil authorities has alway denounced this as they do not recognizes Tripoli as Libya’s legitimate government; yet, words have not lead to anything effective until now.

Along with France, United Kingdom and United States, on June 27th, Italy condemned the recent decision of the Benghazi’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) running Ras Lanouf and Oil Fields after the LNA recovered it from Ibrahim Jathran’s units. In 2016 the LNA had let the Tripoli’s NOC to run them and “this action served Libya’s national interest”, the joint official statement reads.


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