Italy. Extreme Left Party Vows Protests Over Libya In Palermo, Pacifist Group Condamned NATO And Rebels In The Anniversary Of Muammar Gaddafi’s Death

(Picture: demonstrations in Rome against the war, as well as NATO’s 2011 intervention and Libya’s antigaddafians. Source: “Internationalist 360°”)

by Alessandro Pagano Dritto (Twitter: @paganodritto)

[October 25th, 2018 – Italy] Libya still draws attention from both Italy’s extreme left and pacifist groups out of the Parliament, recent events show.

Potere al Popolo (PAP) vows to organize protests in Palermo during the conference.

In the assembly it held last October 20th and 21st, the Italian leftwing communist party Potere al Popolo (Power to the People, PAP) vowed to organize a protest in Palermo against the international conference on Libya the Italian government will hold in that city next November 12th and 13th, PAP’s official statement from the very assembly reads.

Italy’s communist parties have all failed to achieve any seat in the Parliament in the latest elections, so that they have no direct means, in that sense, to affect the Country’s foreign policy over Libya. Yet, Libya is likely to be of interest to them nontheless, after the 2011 NATO armed intervention and in consideration of the weight illegal migration coming from Libya carries in the current Italian public opinion.

A group of pacifists protests against NATO and antigaddafians in the anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi’s death.

Last October 10th, PAP’s website forum hosted a comment by a supposed member of a pacifist network called Rete No War (“No War Network”, RNW) who claimed he wanted to remind the anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi’s “barbarous murder” amidst a wider demonstration PAP was joining in Rome on October 20th, 2018. Nine days later he confirmed “two or three” members from Rete No War would join the demonstration.

Which has apparently happened, as pics circulated on Twitter show a couple of protesters carrying written slogans against the 2011 NATO operation in Libya:

“Libya, March – October 2011: NATO and “rebels” in everybody’s silence dismissed a Country and the work of hundred of thousands of Africans”

The words were apparently signed by RNW, pictures show; the fact that the word “rebels” was in quotes already in the original context seems to mean the protesters meant to be critical against the Libyans who fought Gaddafi in 2011.

Rete No War‘s shared view with some Italian communist parties.

In April 2018 Rete No War held protests just outside the US Embassy in Rome, focusing on Syria. Journalist Marinella Correggia, who has been indicated on the web as part of the pacifist network, back then wrote on the communist newspaper Il Manifesto it was the “belligerent triad [already] texted in Libya in 2011” who was now attacking Syria: “United States, France and United Kingdom”.

Libya and criticism over the Western influence on it seems to be a relevant topic Rete No War and some Italian communist parties have shared for years.

Indeed, when the United States started bombing the Islamic State in Sirte in August 2016, both No War and some communist parties reportedly gathered in protest by the Parliament. Back then, the communist party Rifondazione comunista criticized the military move and the employment of the Sicilian airbases, while Marinella Correggia wrote: “Sirte: the US warplanes are back, let’s say, in the sky of the crime”.

Recalling 2011 she added:

“NATO, United States, France, United Kingdom and Italy worked as the de facto air force of criminal and jihadi groups, responsible for crimes against humanity such as killings and the deportations of both the black skinned population of Tawergha and several sub saharian citizens”

The article appeared on the blog “SibiaLiria”, which describes the uprisings of both Syria and Libya as “violent and other-directed”.

In January 2018 SibiaLiria wrote a public letter to PAP welcoming the latter’s theorical proposal of withdrawing all the Italian military missions abroad. It shall worth reminding Italy currently runs a military mission in two branches in Libya, one in Tripoli and one in Misrata, and is considering a third settling in Ghat, Fezzan; so that PAP’s proposal, if ever practicized, would affect Libya too.

While some Italian communists have spoken in support of Marshal Khalifa Hafter, others could even not do the same.

Amidst the several Italian communist parties, at least the Partito Comunista Italiano (Italian Communist Party, PCI) has recently speaked out in favour of Marshal Khalifa Hafter as the “anti-imperialist” side of the Libyan war.

[Read about Partito Comunista Italiano’s open support to Marshal Khalifa Hafter on Between Libya and Italy]

Yet, it seems not the whole Italian communist galaxy could be actually ready to share the PCI’s view. At least the group “Proletari comunisti” (Communist Proletariat, PC), indeed, has shared an alleged quotation from the Tuareg leader Moulay Kamidi on its blog, stating Hafter “does not represent the Libyan national army”, and commented in a way that suggests they could consider Hafter a “serve of the imperialism”:

“While the organization of the 12th – 13th November conference in Palermo is ongoing, the front of the opposition to the warlords, serving the imperialism, is more and more boiling and complicated”

It’s not easy to say the actual size of this latest Italian communist group, which, however, runs a blog sharing autographed leaflets, invitations to public meetings and the news of a book published in criticism to PAP.

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